Project No. 00223200: Preconstruction Phased School Replacement at Miami Norland Senior High Small/Micro Business S/MBE Utilization: S/MBE participation goals 10% for Construction Management and 20% For Construction Services

Pre-Construction: reviewed Pirtle qualifications criteria and Norland SHS construction trades & scope, followed up on all solicitations and leads, reviewed resumes and capacity, identified new trade contractors for bidding, assisted pre-qualified contractors and subcontractors with completing Pirtle certification.

Communications: Public Relations- TDF assisted Pirtle certified contractors become MDCPS certified, developed a marketing and communication plan to Identify appropriate media, construction outlets for Pirtle's Small business enterprise pre-qualification workshop for the Phased School Replacement at Miami Norland Senior High.

Outcome: S/MBE Utilization: Construction services- 25.81%, Construction management- 17.22%, M/WBE Utilization: African-American 23.1%, Hispanic Female 21.40%, Hispanic Male 17.13%