OUR Services


TDF offers both public and private clients unique solutions to help achieve diversity goals on construction, infrastructure and community development projects as well as in other specialized industries. We will develop a strategic plan designed to meet your specific goals.


TDF will work with your company to identify certified Businesses by classification in order to match the criteria of scope of work or specialty trade for your project.

Communication Strategies

Recognizing the importance of effective communication is the success of achieving business and workforce diversity goals, we provide communication programs to engage stakeholders, community members. We utilize resources with our corporate partners; community; and media relations to ensure optimum exposure for your company.

Diversity Compliance

We create an infrastructure mechanism for an efficient and smooth monitoring and reporting process. Our experienced team works collectively with our clients to ensure a successful compliance process, that provides accurate, real time and jobsite census data.

Supply Chain Diversity

TDF assists our clients to analyze and identify opportunities with diverse suppliers in meeting their procurement goals as well as sourcing with vendors to create a comprehensive supply chain strategy.

Workforce Diversity

TDF will coordinate with your company to identify by trade, category of position and labor work needed for employment that require recruitment and their minimum qualifications to fill positions for project as required.